River Eco Retreat


Nestled in the valley of Mandal, known for its striking greenery, wild Orchids, rice fields, colorful birds, Citrus fruits, quaint villages and the sound of the river, we are creating an Eco-village retreat.

We are fortunate to have found a beautiful piece of land with unhindered views of the river and just a few steps to the water. The land is surrounded by green fields and while Kedarnath national park just behind us gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere,  just 5 minutes’ walk away, taking an old pedestrian bridge across the river, are the village shops to buy everything you need to live.
In the development of our retreat, we will apply permaculture design, natural building and environmental friendly principles.  This eco-village will include homes for women, guests and and a community centre. Physical planning and building work will start in autumn 2019 with a well-known natural builder architect and we will be very happy to have volunteers from all over the world to help us achieve this dream.

Imagine spending time in this piece of paradise and learning how to live sustainably. Our ladies from the empowerment project and our founder Poonam will live here and take care of the place. We will be welcoming our guests to experience an authentic Himalayan life in this natural wonder in very comfortable beautifully designed lodging with freshest home grown and cooked food. This will be our base in Mandal to support the empowerment, educational and environmental projects.