• To provide livelihood to women by training them as travel guides and in other fields of our travel programs.

  • To introduce the world to our beautiful nature and heritage while protecting it.

  • To keep the local culture and customs alive.

  • To revive local handicraft by providing livelihood to the untouchable handicraft tribes.

  • To educate locals and guests about the responsible travel.

  • To educate the locals about saving the environment by waste management and preserving our fauna & flora.

  • To support youth and women by generating employment opportunities.

  • To support organic farming and provide livelihood to the farmers by buying their produce for our programs.

  • To create a community where everyone is equal and is respected, by creating equal opportunities.

  • To support the local schools and students to have decent education and advice youth on their career decisions.

Community Involvement

  • Fernweh Fair Travel is registered under an NGO, Bachan Charitable Trust Simiti (BCTS).100% of our income goes directly to the local communities and participating villages.

  • Our women work as home-stay care takers, village guides, village program meal providers, managers and village representatives.

  • Handcraft villages participating in our handicraft programs for which they are paid participation fee plus they sell their handicrafts directly to the visitors.

  • Local drivers from the participating villages are hired for the trip.

  • Organic food is sourced from the local farmers besides our own gardens which is looked after by the shelter ladies.

  • We follow environmental practices which we teach in various villages to promote sustainability and take care of our planet.

  • School children are taught environmental practices and our long term guests are able to teach English, crafts, dancing and other skills to our children.

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