Three generations of women

Turning Passion Into Action

We are women led NGO developing rural tourism in remote villages of Uttrakhand. 

As part of Bachan Charitable Trust, Fernweh Fair Travel seeks to uplift rural communities and underprivileged tribes through sustainable tourism.

We offer culturally immersive travel experiences ranging from Eco-friendly home-stay accommodations to curated tours through vibrant markets and treks along the Indian Himalayas trails.

Our goal is to provide guests with memorable adventures while empowering the local communities

Our Story

In 2005, Bachan Charitable Trust opened a women’s shelter for underprivileged women in remote villages of the Indian Himalayas. We soon realized that providing shelter was not enough to truly make a lasting impact on the livelihoods of these women. Most of the women are young widows, aged between 19 - 25, with children to care for. What they needed was more than housing, the women needed a way to make sustainable income to support their families.


Through consultations with the women and other underprivileged tribes and communities in the area to devise a solution, our founder Poonam decided to put both her passion of traveling and social good to create Fernweh Fair Travel, a travel experience that utilizes the values of sustainable tourism.


Since Fernweh’s inception, we’ve worked with local communities to help train and develop their skills as artisans, tour guides, homestay hosts, and more. Our purpose is to uplift rural communities in the Indian Himalayas and help guests leave transformed, with a deep understanding of local culture and knowledge.

About Us