Where You Stay

Our women and local hosts are at the heart of every arrangement, ensuring your experience is both enriching and authentic.

Boutique Permaculture Farm

Where Luxury Meets Sustainability.

In the realm of dreams, our dream project blossoms, crafted with permaculture and natural building principles, nestled along the serene riverbank surrounded by rice feilds. Crystal-clear waters mirror the sky's ethereal beauty, embraced by the verdant embrace of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, beneath the towering spire of the divine Shiva's highest temple.

Nestled in the birders’ s valley of Mandal, known for its striking greenery, wild Orchids, rice fields, Citrus fruits, bird songs and the sound of the river,


Indulge in serene homestays where the hosts extend a warm welcome. Nestled amidst the clouds at 1500 meters, our award-winning homestay awaits, offering panoramic vistas of snow-capped peaks, embraced by lush fruit trees and the comforting warmth of our gracious hosts.

Chopta Off-Grid Cabins

High above the earthly realms, at 2850 meters amidst the tranquil sanctuary of Kedarnath Musk Deer, amidst the ethereal beauty of Rhododendron and Oak forests, our off-grid cabins await, a sanctuary from the chaos below.

Rishikesh Boutique Hotels

Step into the serene embrace of the yoga capital, where chants and hippy charm intertwine with the bustling energy of Indian town life. Amidst the flowing waters of the sacred Ganges, discover our serene boutique hotels, offering a haven of beauty and tranquility amidst the vibrant chaos.

What You Discover

Experience a unique blend of pristine Himalayan village life and a comfortable boutique retreat.

Support women and youth empowerment with your stay and gain unfiltered insight into authentic Indian Himalayan life.

Experiencing living in unique natural boutique cottages and a permaculture farm.

Farm to table - In a valley dotted with continuous traditional organic smallholdings, indulge in the bounties of village farming. Farm to table is a daily lived reality of our world. Each season brings its very own hand raised and harvested local delights.

Enjoy various forms of guided and nature-themed meditation to connect to the magical essence here.

Story telling- Sit by evening fire and listen to tales of bears and wild boars, of forest deity's dance, of mystical flowers and water goddess, of women's courage in protecting trees and men, of fire goddess's palanquin and the moody river.

Witness the high arches of the southeast ranges that hold the Kedarnath Musk deer wildlife sanctuary, take a tour through the rhododendron forests, catch a glimpse of elusive lives, join pilgrims at the world's highest Shiva temple at Chopta and open your heart to the sacred within and without.

Indulge in the Citrus Garden Way of natural life by taking time to indulge, breathe and heal.

Find yourself secluded from the hustle of the towns and yet connected to the pulse of the vibrant Himalayan life in a village by the river.

As the gate opens into the river that joins the holy Ganges, experience the unbridled joy of hoping barefoot on river stones, building prayer cairns, dipping in countless eternity pools, imbibing the isolation and the interconnectedness of all beings, and embracing the mighty grace of the mountains of Mandal Valley.

Birder’s paradise - Walk through the meandering paths of Koteshwar village by rice and millet fields and pluck an overhanging Mandarin from a citrus tree; a butterfly hovers by, reach the Shiva temple, and get lost in the famous bird's paradise.

Observe and interact with the regenerative aspects of natural farming and get drawn into the nitty-gritty of soil life and a holistic understanding of permaculture.

Be a part of transformational experiences for the guest and host!

Looking forward to making your perfect retreat and leisure dreams come true!