Our Initiatives

Bachan Charitable Trust Samiti

Empowerment Project

Women, Youth & Untouchable Tribes
Fernweh started with the aim to empower the women and blossomed into delivering transformational experiences and positively impacting the lives of the local communities.

We have created various travel experiences in different villages by training and involving local women, artisans, and youth. In addition, we offer a little shop at our boutique retreat with the products made by local women and artisans.

Women work as cultural guides, village hosts, instructors, trekking guides, homestay
/retreat caretakers, gardeners, cooks, operations, cooking instructors and educators.

Environmental Project

Protecting Environment
We Organize Clean Expeditions Regularly In Various Trekking Routes, Arranging Garbage-Bins And Educate The Locals About The Waste Management.

We are introducing natural farming/permaculture to the locals. This form of agriculture supports nature instead of going against nature.

We have been Supporting A Wonderful "Plant The Trees" Project Lead By The Retired Army Men By Donating Our Land To Them. So That They Could Grow The Seedlings To Plant Them All Over Himalayas To Stop The Landslides And To Protect Our Environment. This Project Is Also Planting Special Plants In River The Ganga To Clean The River In Natural Way, The Project Is Called Namami Gangai Yojana Project.


Spreading Awareness
We Support Local Schools And Students To Have A Decent Education. Especially Girls Since Girls Are Often Pulled Out Of The School Once They Start Reading And Writing To Help With House Chores.

We Advice And Support Youth On Their Career Decisions. We aim to provide various education, especially IT and English, to the locals at our community development centre at the retreat site.
We are building a library for the village children at our centre. Part Of Our Profit Goes Into Providing Furniture, Clothes, Educational Toys And School Necessities For The Children.


Providing shelter

We Have Been Supporting Underprivileged Women And Their Children Since 2005. These Ladies Either Stay With Us In The Shelter Or We Support Them While They Stay With Their Families in their villages.

Since the pandemic situation has changed a lot as reverse migration has taken place.