Seekers Journey

Happiness in Himalayas

A Seeker's Journey
A Retreat

03.04.2023 - 15.04.2023
12 Nights / 13 Days

Welcome to this transformational journey from outside to within. You immerse and soak yourself in the majestic Himalayas, the mesmerizing forests, and energize your entire being. Everything is energy, and you learn what and how you can balance and harness your energy to its maximum potential. A journey where you will discover yourself & experience authentic Indian Himalayan traditions, culture, rituals, food, handicraft and holistic way of living while uplifting the lives of local women and youth.


Outward Journey

We invite you to go through Poonam & Shweta on this spellbinding journey of forests filled with wildflowers, butterflies, stunning mountain trails, lush green forest, sparkling waterfalls, peaceful meadows with towering peaks, relish organic local cuisine, learn cooking from a local lady, look at the stars while listening to the stream of water.

You will visit charming villages, try your hand at the local handicraft, dance and sing around the fire with locals, dining at villager’s home Himalayan style, glorious sunsets, and much more. Our travels cannot be explained in words, this is something you will feel and capture in your hearts.

Inner Journey

Embracing you 
Some ancient Yogic forms
Energizing and Aligning your Energy Centres
The Power of Gratitude
Emotional Wellness – The 3 R’s of our Lives
Balance your Elements
Enhancing & Protecting your Energy Field
Inner Child Healing
Forgiveness – The Biggest Protection
Embrace YOU – Self Love
Be the Energy of Joy & Compassion & Heal the World
Moon Meditation to harness the cosmic energy
Empowered YOU meditation

Journey's Overview 

Day 1

Arrive in Rishikesh

 Welcome Dinner and Introductions

Day 2

Into the deep Himalayas

Morning Yoga + Energizing and Aligning your Energy Centres

Day 3

Small mountain town market discovery and Gopinath temple

Surya Kavach Yoga Followed by Gratitude session

Day 4

Village sojourn

Padma Sadhna Yoga followed by thanking body meditation

Emotional Wellness – The 3 R’s of our Lives

Day 5

Handcrafters Village

Balance your Elements

Day 6

Ancient goddess temple and meditation behind the water fall

Forest Bathing

Day 7

Cooking in Nature and hidden snake temple

Heal your inner child

Day 8

Trek To the highest Shiva temple

Embracing you ( Self love)

Day 9

Hike through the wild life sanctuary

Enhancing & Protecting your Energy Field

Day 10

Ancient Himalayan practice & permaculture

Manifest Your Reality – Moon Meditation to harness the cosmic energy

Day 11

Back to the foothills

Be the Energy of Joy & Compassion & Heal the World

Day 12

Discovering Rishikesh - Beatles footsteps

Empowered you

Day 13

Morning Yoga & Good bye

Thank You

Journey's Moments

Come Explore With Us!

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