Travel Experiences

What You Experience

Our trips are unique, transformational, and authentic, with different themed travel experiences varying from cultural immersion, adventure, self-care, high altitude trekking, meditations, yoga, spirituality, photography, rejuvenating, organic farming, and more.

Spiritual Journeys

This part of Uttrakhand is known as Dev Bhumi, meaning land of the gods. As the name describes, there are many spiritual sites and beautiful ancient temples with special energies to discover. Besides these ancient temples, we take you to hidden healing spaces visited by the locals for ages. 

Perform havans (traditional fire ceremony), pray with the priest in one of the oldest Shiva or goddess temples, meditate, listen to nature, mantras, and more.
Twice a year, join a journey through the mountain villages, dense forest, and healing spaces with the goddess along with her devotees on this beautiful mesmerizing pilgrim walk.

Adventure Travel

Come trek to the high peaks go through the forests with stunning waterfalls, flower-filled forests, pure fauna, and flora. We will take you to some known, not so known, and hidden trails to soak the energy of nature. 

Suppose you fancy rafting, kayaking, angling, bird watching, wildlife watching, and night treks. In that case, you will get to experience them here in this rich Himalayan zone.

Cultural Immersion

Let our lady guide take you through the remote Himalayan villages and immerse yourself in their daily lives. The program takes place in beautiful communities with stunning old houses, animal sheds, fields, and happy people. 

We have around 12 different villages where our programs occur, each with its own unique identity. So take a step back in time and let the locals be your guide. But, of course, the best part is enjoying an authentic Himalayan meal in their home while learning Himalayan ancient old rituals and practices.

Yoga & Meditation

Experience the Himalayas - the Birthplace of yoga where people have travelled for centuries to be healed, to find rest and rejuvenation. This is a complete experience for anyone wishing to heal, cleanse, relax, revitalize, restore balance, and embrace holistic well-being. We offer various forms of yoga and meditation.

Besides guided spiritual meditation, we offer various forms of nature meditations. For example, forest bathing (shinrin-yoku), waterfall cleansing (Takigyo), healing river walks, and river meditations which helps you get in touch with your spiritual self.

Festivals, Rituals & Celebrations

There is nothing more exciting than celebrating festivals with the locals. Whether it's Holi (festival of colors), Diwali (festival of lights), or a local wedding, there is always something happening here. 

Yes, we locals love celebrating! And we invite you to be part of it.
Learn about our ancient Himalayan therapies and our rituals.

Culinary Delights & Cooking

You will be devouring fresh organic homegrown and home-cooked meals with us. We will take you through a Garwahli culinary journey to evoke your taste buds.
Learn to cook with the locals. 

A typical cooking course begins with a trip to the market where you’ll learn about different spices and local flavors and to the gardens to pick vegetables and herbs before the lessons start.
Another brilliant cooking experience is gathering wild food and herbs from nature and cooking outside with the locals.
Bring your skills home to impress your friends and family!

Various Themed Journies

Wellbeing Retreats
Bird watching
Sustainable & Healthy lifestyle
Architectural walks
Trail running
Do you have an idea? Speak to us!

Please send us your requirements and we will create a tailor-made program especially for you!

Where You Stay

Himalayan Citrus Garden

Boutique Eco-Retreat & River Farm-stay


Nestled in the valley of Mandal, known for its striking greenery, wild Orchids, rice fields, colorful birds, Citrus fruits, quaint villages and the sound of the river, we are creating an Eco-village retreat.

Rhododendron Forest House & Cabins


At 2850 meters above the sea level, far from the maddening crowds within the Kedarnath Musk Deer Sanctuary´s Rhododendron and Oak forests lies a quaint little Mud Hut.

Community Home-stays

Chamoli District

List coming up soon

Seeker's Journey

Happiness in Himalayas
A Retreat

Welcome to this transformational journey from outside to within. You immerse and soak yourself in the majestic Himalayas, the mesmerizing forests, and energize your entire being. Everything is energy, and you learn what and how you can balance and harness your energy to its maximum potential. A journey where you will discover yourself & experience authentic Indian Himalayan traditions, culture, rituals, food, handicraft and holistic way of living while uplifting the lives of local women and youth.