Handicraft Village Participants

Sunita and her girls - Widowed Village Home Representative

Neelam, Poonam, Rajoo, Tulsi & Laxmi

Koteshwar village Participants

Dungri Village head - Sataishweri Devi

Neelam - Home Stay Care Taker

Satya - Transport and Activity Operator

Shailaj - Operations Head

Pushi - Forest house & Adventure sports head

Our team is consisting of our whole community.

Below are some of them.


Traveller Performer Encourager Change-maker Dreamer Humanitarian Environmentalist Permaculturist


This project is the brain-child of Poonam Rawat-Hahne originally from Uttarakhand, Indian Himalayas. She has lived, worked and travelled in many different countries and is a traveller by heart. She has always loved going to off the beaten path spending time with locals, discovering the nature, learning about authentic cuisine and culture of the country, never stayed longer then 3 years at one place since she is born. During her teen-age years she has worked as trekking and rafting guide to stay close to the nature and adventure afterwards she entered the world of multinational companies. Poonam has been involved in Fair Trade projects in Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany and has always been inclined towards social help projects. Finally, in 2013 Poonam decided to combine her passion of travel and social help to produce Fernweh Fair Travel- Uplifting Communities- a sustainable responsible Travel project in the rural part of Indian Himalayas by empowering the underprivileged women and the local communities. Besides her travel project, she is a certified Parmaculturist and natural builder.


She strongly believes in respecting social and environmental responsibilities.




Tulsi along with women from our women shelter look after the Home stay. She is a wife of a retired army officer. She has lived in many different places and has traveled nationally and internationally to various destinations. She has experienced beautiful cosy home-stays all over the world, she is using  her travelling knowledge to support and promote our locals. She overlooks all the ground work. She loves gardening, spending time with her family and cooking.



Laxmi a very strong lady who started her life in very humble conditions and is now supporting locals along with her sister Tulsi. She will be your guide to the rural life of Garwhal (our village and handicraft programs) She is an amazing story teller and full of local wisdom.


Rural Program Manager


Hema is a single mother taking care of her 2 sons and the home-stay. Her husband has left the children and her because of alcoholism. Hema keeps the home-stay grounds at the top notch state.


Home stay staff

Neelam takes care of the home-stay and cooking. She is the mother of two little children and besides taking care of her little family she is also involved in our social projects.


Home stay staff

Our Team


Fernweh Fair Travel is a responsible community tourism project of Bachan Charitable Trust, a local women-run NGO. Fernwah offers curated tours and travel experiences for off-the-beaten path travelers. 


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